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Simple Beginnings - Solo Harp CD

A CD of quiet, soothing solo harp to listen to any time.
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Christmas Collage - CD

2011 Release of all Christmas Favorites. From traditional to fun. Great for putting in the player as guests come. Very good with warm tea!


I've long wanted to do a solo piano CD. After a tough decision to purchase a different piano, which happens to be ivory in color, I knew now was the time to put a solo piano CD together. Choosing music for the CD wasn't hard, narrowing it down to a manageable size was. Many of the songs on "Ivory" are sentimental pieces that I learned during difficult times in my life, or I've associated short word phrases to the melody. Here are my thoughts on why I chose the pieces I did:

Promise of Spring is a beautiful piece that brings out the best in a piano. And winter gets long...

Sonate Adagio by Beethoven brings me to a warm place. Wrapped in a blanket, this piece slows me down and says "It's OK."

Waiting at the End of the Road by Fats Waller. Oh what a fun piece!! I had to add a touch of stride to this CD as stride is so much fun for me to play! And this piece is truly a favorite. A 1929 piece written for those coming home from war.

Willows is a relaxing piece.

Moment Musical by Rachmaninoff is the last piece I played for my mother before she pasted of cancer in 1996. The key transitions remind me of a butterfly.

Midnight Meditation, Ivory & Crystals are thoughtful pieces.

Brahms Waltz I learned when young & loved the rolled chords.

Chopin's Raindrop Prelude is such a dramatic piece. Just imagine a little girl running thru the rain to find home, or a family searching for a lost child while it down pours. Feel the darkness, the rain, the thunder, it's all there - along with hope.

Brahms Intermezzo in A. Listen for the duet part between the partners, listen for the conflict, listen for the resolve and the ending "I Love You". That is what I think of as I play this piece. I cry nearly every time.

I hope you enjoy a bit of my favorites in "Ivory".