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Nancy: Music

Waiting At the End of the Road

(Nancy Eischen)
January 19, 2012
Fat's Waller
Enjoy my first piano piece. I Know I enjoy playing it!
"Waiting At the End of the Road" was a wonderful song from the year 1929. Dedicated to welcoming home veterans, the refrain & first verse go:

Weary of roaming on, yearning to see the dawn
Counting the hours till I can lay down my load
Weary but I don't mind, knowing that soon I'll find
Peace and contentment at the end of the road

[1st refrain:]
The way is long, the night is dark
But I don't mind 'cause a happy lark
Will be singing at the end of the road

I can't go wrong, I must go right
I'll find my way 'cause a guiding light
Will be shining at the end of the road

There may be thorns in my path
But I'll wear a smile
'Cause in a little while
My path will be roses

The rain may fall from up above
But I won't stop 'cause the ones I love
Will be waiting at the end of the road

Waller had such a way with a piano or organ that it becomes so much more. This version is from "Transcriptions of Thomas 'Fat' Waller".